French Bulldog Puppies

Otter Creek Kennels breed and sell French Bulldog Puppies. We are KUSA registered and our French Bulldog Puppies are microchipped and vaccinated before being handed over to you. Our process of finding suitable homes for our puppies is not just about buying and selling. We aim to match up the right families for the right dog, and this can only be done via a face-to-face interaction. Note that visits to our farm are by appointment only, please contact Lynette to arrange a visit.

About Otter Creek

Our passion and love for French Bulldog Puppies started many years ago. Over the years, family and friends requested dogs such as the ones who were part of our family, so we decided to embark on a breeding programme to produce the best French Bulldog Puppies in South Africa. While we are relatively new in breeding circles, we have ensured our dogs are of the highest calibre, are treated with the respect they deserve, and are taken care of.

Why French Bulldogs?

Apart from being loyal, cute and absolutely adorable lap dogs, French Bulldogs are lively, playful, athletic, alert, easygoing, bright, keen, patient, affectionate and sociable.

They are a small breed of domestic dog and were the result in the 1800s of a cross between bulldog ancestors imported from England and local ratters in Paris, France.

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Always Remember: “Man is a dog’s best friend”

– Ceasar Milan

Pictures of Otter Creek, our farm where our French Bulldog puppies are born and cared for until they are adopted.